4 Centerpieces to Highlight Your Wedding Venues in Chicago, IL

How to Highlight Your Wedding Venue?

venue2Once you started planning your wedding, you just can’t get rid of stress that comes with it. There are just too many details that could perfect your big event and the worst is, you don’t have enough budgets to spend for it. Anyway, if you want to not spend so much on the wedding decors for your chosen wedding venue in Chicago, IL, you can look for one centerpiece that could highlight everything. There are many out there that won’t cost you too much. You just need to make sure that it stands on where your guests could see and appreciate it. And even if you don’t have too many decors, it will just show its exquisiteness for everyone in the place. So are you ready to know what kind of centerpieces would be cheaper and easier to include in your wedding day? Here are some of them that you can easily pick down the market with a lower price tag:

Big and Small Vases

There are a lot of big and small vases that you can find downtown. They are great centerpieces that you can decorate on your wedding tables. Once you know how to choose different styles and designs on these vases, you don’t need to add flowers for it. You can display them on your own. Plus, you can use it as your giveaways as well. Decors as giveaways! You see, you just saved money. You don’t even need to spend for giveaways anymore. This is just the right thank-you gift that you can send your guests home. It will surely be worth it.


Everyone knows that blooms are great for centerpieces, but not just any blooms. You need the help of wedding florists when it comes to attending to the flower needs. You just don’t get to pick a rose and a lily at the same time because they won’t match. It will all depend on the concept of your wedding event before you get the flowers you need to be centerpieces of the big day.

The Wedding Cake

One great yet, a little expensive (depends on your liking) centerpiece that you can include in your wedding day is the wedding cake. The bigger the cake, the better (just make sure that it will taste as awesome as it looks). Find the right design of the wedding cake that you are going to provide in your wedding venue so that it will look amazing as an attraction.

Chocolate Fountain

Why not huh? Use a chocolate fountain in your Chicago reception halls. If your venue or catering has a big one, you can tell them to add it up in the service. It will cost more but, it will be worth it. You won’t need too much decoration just to make your wedding look beautiful. A chocolate fountain will just do its job in making your wedding venue in Chicago, IL great.

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