Tips for Choosing a Bakery with Perfect Bridal Cakes

wedding cakePicking among the roster of creative confectionaries could be one of the best parts of the wedding planning stage. But before picking your cake, looking for the bakery that makes delectable wedding cakes should be prioritized first. Bridal pastries have been very competitive these past few years, and as a result a number of bakery shops have sprouted here and there.

Here are some professional tips on how to choose a bakery to make your wedding cake:

There are bakeries that have pre-made designs to choose from. If you are more into customized cakes then you could commission a bakery that is offering cake customization service aside from baking. Sit down with the bakery’s cake designer and show him or her the design that you have been keeping for years. Customized wedding cakes are more original; thus, they provide better aesthetics as your reception centerpieces.

If you are very particular with the budget, look for bakeries that offer customized cakes within your budget range. There are expensive cake makers; also, there are those that offer above average cost service. Cost would usually depend from the intricacy of the design you wanted to achieve. If you have a budget constraint, look for bakeries that are offering simple yet high quality cakes.

The size of the cake also affects its overall cost. There are cases wherein your wedding reception will be attended by more than a hundred guests; to address the dessert needs, you need to prepare for a 7-tier cake. But if you only have 40 people on your guest list, opt to maintain the 7 layers of cake by adding dummy layers below. Please take note that the dummy layers are not for free as the designer needs to customize them as well.

Every bakery has its trademark style. If you have visited a local bakery in the past that specializes in serving ombre cake, go back to the store and interview the vendor. If they are offering wedding pastries then it is your chance to ask them to make your bridal cake. Get to know your cake designer— his/her strengths and weaknesses. There are bakers/designers who are good in using buttercream over fondant. If you are more of a fondant enthusiast, then go for a fondant expert.

Above all, deciding for the wedding cake bakery should be legal and secured. Only deal with bakeries that offer contract. It means that the bakery is committed to offer high quality service. The last thing you need to worry about is the cake delivery that did not arrive. In order for you to protect yourself as a customer, you need to have a furnished copy of the agreement. Also, please check about the bakery’s return and refund policy.

Before you choose a bakery to make your wedding cake, you should ask yourself first regarding the basics— design, flavor, frosting, color, tier and so on. Each couple has their own preference when it comes to the wedding cake, said president of leading Houston bakery, Three Brothers Bakery. Please make sure that the bakery’s standard matched your expectations to avoid regrets in the end.